Innovative Inverter / Transformer chosen

By Peter Fraser

We’ve now chosen an inverter / transformer package that comes pre-wired on a skid, ready to be offloaded onto a cement pad at the site. This makes installation much easier and faster and reduces the potential for incorrect wiring or the extra time taken to install all the necessary connections.

It’s made by Italian company Fimer – a well respected manufacturer of electronic equipment for the solar industry and will be imported from Italy early in the year.

“What makes this a great choice is the fact that it’s an all-in-one package that will make it that much easier to install and hook in to the grid,” said Jonathan Prendergast from Komo Energy, the development partners.

Each element of the project, from the panels, the steel supporting structure, the battery, the inverter and transformer all need to be co-ordinated to arrive on the site at the right time to expedite the construction phase.

Komo Energy have now constructed a complex Gannt chart that tracks each aspect of the project so long lead items such as the Fimer can be ordered at the right time.

About the Author:

Peter Fraser
Peter Fraser is the president of Community Energy for Goulburn Inc.

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