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For a limited time, become a member and invest in the Solar Farm

You can get involved in this fantastic community owned renewable project by becoming a member of the Co-op and a co-owner of the solar farm. All it takes is a minimum investment and participation in one event each year – maybe a working bee, or an investor meeting, or just helping out when needed. We’d love you to become a member!

With the final stages of the planning nearing completion and a projected start date soon (June 2022), there is a limited opportunity to add to the $2M already raised from local investors for people outside the region.


You must pay a joining fee and an annual fee – both of which are currently set at $10. Once you are accepted as a member, you must purchase shares in the co-op. Each year you must take part in at least one event or meeting or working bee – and you must subscribe to our email newsletter service. 

You become a member by completing the Application Form and paying your joining fee and your first year’s annual fee to the Co-op. Once your application for membership has been approved by the Board you must then purchase a minimum number of shares.

The minimum shareholding is 400 shares worth $1 each. 

The maximum shareholding is 20% of the issued capital. For our first project this means 400,000 $1 shares. The maximum is set by Fair Trading. 

You can be joint shareholder with someone else – and you must tell us that on the application form. However, joint shareholders have only one vote (not one each) and will share any dividends between them. 

Your super fund can invest in the Co-op – tell us on the application form that the shares will be owned by your trustee company (or the names of the individual trustees if no company) ATF your Super Fund Name. If your company invests in the Co-op, once again tell us on the application form. 

You can buy shares on behalf of your children but, until they turn 18, they must be held in your name as trustee for your children, and you will receive the dividends on their behalf. Once they turn 18, they can have the shares transferred into their own name. 

If you wish to attend the meeting in person, you will vote at the meeting by show of hands unless someone demands a poll. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, you may send in a proxy vote using the form provided in the meeting notice. 

If you want to leave the Co-op you must sell or transfer your shares to someone else. The committee may be able to help you find someone willing to take your shares. 

Your shares will be transferred to your legal personal representative (the executor of your estate) to be dealt with in accordance with your will. 

If you do not do so for 3 years and we do not know where to find you, we may cancel your shares. 

Go to our Finance page for more answers to your questions, or go straight to our Disclosure Statement HERE

You can find out more information about membership in the Co-op Rules or view our Privacy Policy and Financial Disclosure HERE


This document does not provide investment advice. Applicants for membership and shares should seek their own professional investment advice. To the extent that information in this document constitutes financial product advice, it is general financial product advice only and provided only by the Co-op. The Offer does not consider a Recipient’s individual investment objectives, financial situation, and needs (including financial and tax issues) as an investor. It is important that Recipients read the entire Rules and Disclosure Statement and carefully consider their investment objectives, financial situation, and needs (including financial and tax issues) and seek appropriate professional advice before deciding to apply for membership and shares.  

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