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January 2022

We’ve now exceeded our original target. Great news!

But now we are expanding the size of the battery by three times – so we are looking for another $600K of investment. 

With a bigger battery we will be able to store more energy when the price we would achieve in the middle of the day is low, and then re-sell it in the late afternoon/evening at a much higher price. So while the cost of the project has gone up, the returns will not be impacted.

New investors welcome!

We are now opening up investment to those outside the region. If you are a current member and want to increase your investment OR from outside the Goulburn area and wish to become a member and invest,  now is the time to act! 

More information on how to invest  HERE.

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Investor information meeting, Oct. 21st. Photo:Nicola Fraser
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To spread the benefits of the solar farm to those who find it hard paying for their energy, we have set up a community fund. The fund will be administered by one of the agencies in Goulburn to assist those experiencing energy poverty.

A percentage of the profits of the farm will be set aside for the Community Fund, and investors can, if they wish, commit some or all of their dividends to the fund to boost it further.

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