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Half a mill in half an hour!

Thursday 22 Oct.

We just held our first investor info meeting, and in half an hour raised $500,000! It’s a great start to raising the $2M from the community.

People seem to know what is a good investment, ethically and financially! 

If you missed out we’re running a webinar on Wed 28th and another “town hall” meeting on November 4. After November 20th we will be opening up to investors outside the region.

 Get all the information you need to make an informed decision:

  • Co-op Membership
  • Financial details
  • Technical information
  • Community Fund

REGISTER HERE for the Webinar, or HERE for the public meeting at the Workers club.

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Investor information meeting, Oct. 21st. Photo:Nicola Fraser
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To spread the benefits of the solar farm to those who find it hard paying for their energy, we have set up a community fund. The fund will be administered by one of the agencies in Goulburn to assist those experiencing energy poverty.

A percentage of the profits of the farm will be set aside for the Community Fund, and investors can, if they wish, commit some or all of their dividends to the fund to boost it further.

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