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July 2023

Work has now started on preparing the site for the next stage. The land has been slashed, cleared, and sprayed with hydro-mulch to allow grass to grow. A sediment pond and pollution controls have been excavated and fencing the site will commence shortly. Have a look at the site from a train travelling to Goulburn (at right).


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“The bottom line is this: as we get clean, we have to get fair.”
Naomi Klein.

To spread the benefits of the solar farm to those who find it hard paying for their energy, we have set up a community fund. The fund will be administered by one of the agencies in Goulburn to assist those experiencing energy poverty.

A percentage of the profits of the farm will be set aside for the Community Fund, and investors can, if they wish, commit some or all of their dividends to the fund to boost it further.

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Peter Fraser

Solar farm PPA offers open

The Goulburn Community Solar Farm is now opening up to offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to suitably aligned Corporates and Retailers. The project is now

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