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Updates - April 2021

Updates – April 2021

Special General Meeting   – First meeting of the Goulburn Community Energy Co operative

Thank you to everyone who made it to the Special General Meeting that was held on Monday 12th April at the Goulburn Workers Club (thanks to the Club for their continued support). Despite the continuing COVID situation, we had over half our investors attend – with over 80 in person and 50 online. You will be pleased to know we have hit a number of project milestones.

  1. The Solar Farm is now fully subscribed with a number of existing investors upping their investments after the Special General Meeting, and a generous pledge from our Development Partners, Komo.
  1. We have a new Board of Directors. The new Goulburn Community Energy Cooperative Board of Directors has convened their first meeting, the new Directors are in the process of getting up to speed with the latest solar farm developments. GCEC is grateful to the new and founding directors for their enthusiasm and support of the project.
  1. Request for Tender is now closed The Request for Tender (RfT) has now closed, and Komo is in the process of deciding who will actually build your solar farm.
  1. ARTC Lease issue is now resolved! The long-awaited ARTC lease for the small rail corridor on the farm site has been signed sealed and delivered, so it’s a green light to go full steam ahead.

Thank you for your faith in this project Goulburn, (and others in surrounding areas) we are so proud to call this project ours.


Updates February 2021

We’ve now banked over 85% of our target in a trust account in Bank Australia.

We’ve registered over 200 members and issued share certificates to our investors.

We’ve taken delivery of a comprehensive connection study from Essential Energy outlining our next steps, all within budget.

We’ve met our milestones with the NSW Goverment department responsible for the grant.

We’ve drawn up the tender documents for construction and will issue them in the next few weeks


We have to finalise the collection of pledges – some people have been a bit slow over the Christmas break to send in their investment.

Development partner Komo Energy will be vetting the tenderers to find the best construction company. We have to make a modified DA to account for the battery component once the construction company has been appointed.

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October 2020: First tranche of grant money received! 

Great news: The first instalment of the grant from the NSW government has been transferred to our account so we can now proceed to repaying some of our committee members for the temporary loans they made to get the project moving!

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