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Updates – July 2023

Civil works on the site have now commenced. The site has been slashed, cleared of old rubble, piles of rail ballast and old rail lines removed, a sediment pond and associated sediment controls have been built and hydro-mulch sprayed over the site to encourage grass growth. All done by local contractor, Divalls Earthmoving. 

The inverter / transformer skid has been delivered from India and stored ready for installation once a cement pad has been completed.

Once the grass has begun to grow and the fence surrounding the site has been built, then work can begin on installing the panels!

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Sediment pond being built in NW corner

Last year’s milestones

Here are some milestones reached through 2022 :

  1. New, much larger, battery has been selected and incorporated into the technical specifications and DA modification.
  2. Essential Energy have given us final approval to connect.
  3. Investment opportunity has now closed as we have reached our new target to finance the larger battery. A fantastic effort in raising over $2.6M.
  4. The NSW Government has approved an additional $210,000 to add to the $2.1M grant.
  5. EPC contractors selected and final technical specifications completed.
  6. Transformer and Inverter chosen.
  7. DA modification approved by Council.

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Jonathan Prendergast (Komo), Chris Shepherd (Divalls), Ed Suttle (GCEC), Gerald Arends (Komo), signing lease at Divall’s office.

Thank you for your faith in this project Goulburn, (and others in surrounding areas) we are so proud to call this project ours.

We are now oversubscribed for the additional $600K to finance the larger battery.

We’ve registered over 300 members and issued share certificates to our investors.

We’ve met our milestones with the NSW Goverment department responsible for the grant.


  1. We have now submitted the EPC contracts to our legal firm to do due diligence. Once this has been finalised the Co-op will take over the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and continue to construct the farm.
  2. Initial minor site works will commence in January.
  3. Levelling, fencing, and initial framework construction will commence in February.

Media Releases

Other News

AGM special guest 2022: Saul Griffith addressed members. 

World renowned expert on renewable action, Dr Saul Griffith, addressed the members and public at the conclusion of the 2022 AGM. Dr Griffith spoke to over 200 people about “Electrifying everything” to ensure the country meets its 2030 carbon target. 

CE4G makes submission to the Safeguard Mechanism review. 
February 2023.

Community Energy for Goulburn has made a nine page submission to the Safeguard Mechanism Review arguing for a limit to offsets. Read submission HERE.

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