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Updates – January 2022

It’s full steam ahead this year with a projected commencement of building mid year and generation before the end of the year. The main risk factors are supply issues caused by Covid world wide, especially freight issues. Here is an update on current developments as we start the new year :

  1. New, much larger, battery has been selected and incorporated into the technical specifications and DA modification.
  2. Essential Energy have approved the Steady State modelling and final approval due shortly.
  3. Investment opened up to people outside the Goulburn region to raise the additional funds for the expanded battery.
  4. EPC contractors selected and final technical specifications to be completed by February.
  5. Transformer and Inverter chosen.
  6. DA modification now in progress with final submission to be made in early February.
  7. ARTC Lease issue is now resolved! The long-awaited ARTC lease for the small rail corridor on the farm site has been signed sealed and delivered, so it’s a green light to go full steam ahead.

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Jonathan Prendergast (Komo), Chris Shepherd (Divalls), Ed Suttle (GCEC), Gerald Arends (Komo), signing lease at Divall’s office.

Thank you for your faith in this project Goulburn, (and others in surrounding areas) we are so proud to call this project ours.

We’ve now banked over 100% of our original target in a trust account in Bank Australia.

We’ve registered over 200 members and issued share certificates to our investors.

We’ve now opened up investment opportunities to people outside the region.

We’ve met our milestones with the NSW Goverment department responsible for the grant.


We are now well into the technical planning and implementation phase:

  1. The EPC consortium are finalising detailed technical specifications.
  2. Together with development partner Komo Energy we will shortly be submitting a revised DA to accommodate the bigger battery and the skid mounted inverter / transformer.
  3. We will be ordering long lead items in February to co-ordinate with other short lead items to allow commencement  of construction in June / July
  4. Interested in investing?

Find out all you need to know to invest in this financially and ethically sound project.

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December 2021: Fimer inverter / transformer ordered 

Great news: With a much larger battery now included in the design a new inverter / transformer was needed and Fimer have recently released their skid mounted inverter that works perfectly with our project. The cost of the battery and the Fimer will add $600K to the project cost and we are now opening up investor opportunities outside the region to help meet this added cost.

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