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Originally conceived by Community Energy for Goulburn (a related community association) in 2014, and supported by a feasibility study in 2016, the Goulburn Community Energy Cooperative (GCEC) was formed in mid-2020 as the investment vehicle to take the project forward.

Anyone in the local region can invest in this project, receive a return on their investment, and be part of a community-led initiative to reduce Goulburn’s carbon footprint by producing electricity in our own region.

What is Community Energy?

Community energy projects are financed and owned by the community, who control, manage and operate the project. The community also share in the profits it generates. There are many variations on this model, especially in Europe and the USA, and while it is a relatively new concept in Australia, there is now increasing interest in the idea and some state governments are now supporting the growth in this sector.

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The Goulburn Solar Farm project is designed to give priority to local investors from the Goulburn Mulwaree LGA, but is open to others not located locally provided priority is given to local investors

Get Involved

We need you – young and old:

  • Investors – to help pay for the project
  • Volunteers – to help run our community organisation
  • Board members – to serve on the governing board of the Co-op
  • Contractors – to help build and maintain the solar farm

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Progress to Date:

September 2020 – Here are some milestones since the grant announcement in March:

  1. We have finalised negotiation with a construction / development company that will oversee the building of the farm and have now signed a contract agreement with them. They have begun preliminary design work and approached several companies for the supply of panels, frames and a battery.
  2. We registered the Co-operative that will own and administer the project, and approached several people to serve on the board.
  3. We have made a successful application with the NSW Government for a grant to support the project and have been successful to the tune of just over $2M
  4. As part of the Co-op application we have drawn up a comprehensive Disclosure Statement that includes information for interested investors
  5. The Cooperative was registered in August
  6. Owing to the disruption due to Covid 19, we have planned an information webinar to take place in October where more information will be available for prospective investors. This is in addition to our planned public meeting on October 21st.
  7. While all this has been going on we have started preliminary negotiations on our second solar project. More news to come!
  8. We continue to meet as a committee on a weekly basis.

The Next Steps:

  • Our first public meeting for investor information and registration has been announced for October 21st. More here.
  • We are in the process of finalising the design of the farm and will submit a final application to Essential Energy as soon as this is completed.
  • We will submit a modification to the DA to accommodate the battery design as a battery wasn’t included in the original DA approval
  • We anticipate commencing construction in March 2021.

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